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Internal Affairs  

The primary responsibility of the  Internal Affairs Unit is to ensure the integrity of the Police Department. The Internal Affairs Unit also monitors the relationship between the community and the Police Department and strives to nurture mutual trust. It serves as a mechanism of internal accountability by receiving, processing and investigating complaints concerning police conduct. These complaints may allege violations of criminal law or Departmental policy and may originate from outside sources or from within the Agency.

Because the police department is accountable to the community, the Internal Affairs Unit is actively involved in the Citizens' Police Academy. This contact with citizens allows for feedback on police initiatives within the community and is used in the instruction and training function of Internal Affairs. The Internal Affairs Unit provides instruction in Police Ethics and Character Based Leadership Skills for new recruits and supervisors.

The goal of the Internal Affairs Unit is to ensure that the integrity of the Greenwood Police Department is maintained through an internal system in which objectivity, fairness and justice are guaranteed by an impartial investigation and review of complaints made against any of our employees, policies or procedures. Complaints can be made in person, by mail, by electronic mail, by telephone, or anonymously to any supervisor with the Greenwood Police Department.  All Formal Complaints must be made at Police Headquarters in person.  Please review the "Formal Complaints" section of our web site.

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