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Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions all of the time on a wide range of topics.  On this page, we have organized some that we feel the public would like to see most.  Just Click on a Question to see the Answer.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at (479)996-4119 or by email to greenwoodpdoffice@gwark.com. 

You may also want to visit our Code Enforcement and State Laws Pages for a list of Ordinances and Statutes that are frequently referenced.

Patrol Division

Reports are ready within 3-5 business days. The insurance company can request a copy of the report or you can pick up a copy. These reports are $10 (check or money order only) & can be picked up at the Greenwood Police Department located at 250 Old Hackett Road. Reports are made available online at https://crashreports.ark.org/individual.  If reports have any juvenile information, you will not be able to order online-- this information is redacted & you may get a copy at the police department. 

1. Following too close.
2. Failing to stop at a stop sign. 
3. Driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. 
4. Speeding. 
5. Failure to yield on left turn.

Yes.  Not only does the Police Department have jurisdiction on Highway 71, we are as obligated to provide police presence and service to that area of our city as well as any other incorporated area of Greenwood.

Departmental Policy prohibits any member of this agency to trade, sell, or give away a departmental shoulder patch.


After filing a police report, you obtain a copy of that report and take it the Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.  The PA's office will assist you in obtaining an Order of Protection.


Fingerprint services have been suspended until further notice. We apologize for this issue. 

Reports are $10.00; we only accept check or money order for payment. 

To find out the cost of any citation, you will need to reach out to the Greenwood District Court at (479)996-6501, as they handle all of the fines. 

The Police Department hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.  The administrative office does close on all major holidays. 
Officers are on duty 24/7-- if you need immediate assistance, just call (479)996-4119 and an officer can be dispatched to you. 


To reserve park amenities, you will need to call City Hall (479)996-2742 & speak with an employee in the parks department. 

Phone Numbers:

City Hall (479)996-2742

Greenwood Water Department (479)996-1370

Chamber of Commerce (479)996-6357
Library (479)996-2856
Post Office (479)996-4269

Arkansas Hwy Dept (479)996-4376

Sebastian County Road Dept (479)996-4485

Sebastian County Sheriff's Office (479)996-2145
Sebastian County Sheriff- Main    (479)783-1051

State Revenue Office (479)996-2143

Greenwood EMS Station (479)996-6485

Assessor's Office (479)996-6591
Collector's Office  (479)996-4105
County Clerk's Office (479)996-4195

Greenwood Schools-- Main Admin (479)996-4142
High School (479)996-4141
Junior High (479)996-7440
Freshman Center (479)996-4141
East Hills Middle School (479)996-0504
East Pointe Elementary (479)996-4249
Westwood Elementary (479)996-7748
Preschool Center (479)996-7748

As of May 2021, the animal control department will be under the direction of the Mayor's office. Please call city hall (479)996-2742 for any issues. 

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